Dr. Dodge Learns to Wrap – Coolest Hip Carry

Hey DFC family and Holistic Living readers! Today I am sharing the “Coolest Hip Cross Carry” with you. This one is great because it is really simple to learn, easy to do quickly, and it is a position a curious baby enjoys. With this carry, you can tie it on before getting in the car to go somewhere, and then put the child in it right as you get out of the car. It is great for short trips or tasks, especially when your child just wants to be held, but you need your hands!  I’m not sure how it got the name “coolest,” but it is pretty cool. The passes create a crossed seat, so it feels pretty secure for a hip carry. Charlie seems to enjoy the combination of being held on the front, but able to look forward and backward. He says its “conftatle” (comfortable). Thanks for sharing the “learning to wrap” process with me!

Here’s my “Coolest Hip Carry:”