Coconut Oil Order – April 2013


My wife and I are big fans of using high quality coconut oil in our cooking! It is a healthy saturated fat that contains nutritious medium chain fatty acids and lauric acid. There are many research-based beneficial uses for coconut oil. The ideal coconut oil is raw, but even high quailty raw coconut oils maintain a coconut flavor. I for one do not want my stir fry or breakfast eggs to taste like coconut! For our family, making the switch from less healthy oils and fats over to coconut oil required that we find an oil that didn’t make everything taste like coconut. It is nearly impossible, though, to find a “refined” coconut oil in grocery stores that is not hydrogenated, partially hydrogenated, and/or processed with chemical solvents. As we’ve tried many types of coconut oil over the last few years, we’ve settled with what we believe to be the absolute best refined, expeller pressed coconut oil on the market. It maintains medium chain fatty acids and lauric acids, but has NO coconut flavor! Because we have been able to use it for all types of cooking and baking, we are able to avoid other unhealthy oils like canola and “vegetable” oil, and oils that should not be heated, like olive oil. 

We’ve been using this Wilderness Family Naturals brand coconut oil in our own home for a while, and are so impressed with it! The smartest way to order it is to buy it for ourselves in bulk, and we are happy to extend that opportunity to our community! Our next order will be placed next Monday – join us and place your order today!

Steps to order:

  1. Fill out and submit DFC’s Coconut Oil Online Form
  2. Pay the PayPal Deposit or Full Amount using the button below: