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 Dr. Dodge Learns to Wrap: Front Wrap Cross Carry

As I mentioned in my post yesterday, wrapping is an excellent babywearing option for both the wearer and the baby. I asked my wrap-enthusiast wife, Claire, to teach me a couple of wrap carries so that I could wear our two children better than I have been with other types of carriers. In this post series, I’ll share with you my experience learning a front carry for my infant, a back carry, and a hip carry for my toddler.

The “Front Wrap Cross Carry” is up first! My biggest motivation for learning how to wrap came when Charlotte was born. I used the stretchy wrap a few times, but wasn’t happy with the fit. I felt it was either too tight or too loose. I didn’t like the positioning – her knees sunk lower and lower as I wore her. The wrap also started to sag, so she’d end up much lower than where I had placed her originally. The stretchy wrap was a great introduction to wrapping, but we are both much more comfortable in the woven wrap. When I have my daughter secured in this carry, she feels weightless. She truly feels like an extension of my chest, and she stays exactly where I put her.

I loaded a slideshow of me wrapping Charlotte in the FWCC to YouTube: