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Read what a few of our patients have to say about Dodge Family Chiropractic!

"From early in my pregnancy, approximately 12 weeks, I began experiencing severe sciatic nerve pain down both of my legs. Naturally, I tried stretching, yoga, and massage to help alleviate the pain, discomfort, and numbness. I was unaware of any other therapy. I was referred to Dr. Dodge at Dodge Family Chiropractic for my nerve pain issue. He specializes in the Omni Therapuetic Technique which is recommended for pregnant women. My husband and I were very skeptica,l however after the very first visit I received enormous relief from my pain. I continued chiropractic therapy once a week until delivery. As my baby and belly grew, I encountered another issue of pain lower in my tummy, that felt like tight pinching. Dr. Dodge was able to identify these pains as round ligament pains. He was able to adjust me using the Webster Technique, which helped the ligaments supporting my belly and baby to be aligned properly. This relieved discomfort, as well as allowed the baby to be in a better position. My husband and I were amazed at how well chiropractic therapy helped me. I feel chiropractic therapy at Dodge Family Chiropractic allowed me to have a healthy beautiful pregnancy, decreased labor time, and smooth delivery.

After my son was born, we were both adjusted. My son had a slight kink in his neck and tight jaw muscles from traveling through the birth canal and was able to nurse better after the adjustment. I highly recommend chiropractic therapy to increase health and wellbeing, especially from Dodge Family Chiropractic." -K.H. of Lewisville, TX

"My opinon on chiropractic care during pregnancy is that its essential. You wouldn't drive a car if it was out of alignment, so why would you prepare for birth that way? I would attribute how smooth my labor and delivery was to the chiropractic care I received during my pregnancy and labor.

Thanks again to Dr.Dodge for coming to our house while I was in labor! Our daughter's head was tilted inside and it was slowing down my labor. He adjusted me, and we headed to the birth center, baby "K" arrived soon after." -J.L. of Irving

"Dr. Dodge is amazing! I saw him throughout the second half of my second pregnancy. He listened to my concerns and addressed them at each visit. Before seeing him, it hurt to walk. He made my pregnancy so much more enjoyable and comfortable. And I had a less than 6 hour labor, as compared to 12 hours with my first! I attribute that partly to the Webster technique that Dr. Dodge uses, which helps get babies into optimal positioning. He is great with babies, too! He adjusted my son at home 9 hours after he was born. Our family loves Dr. Dodge!" -C.S. of Lewisville, Texas

I have had lower back pain for several years (I suffer from Degeneration Disc Disease and Sacroiliac Joint Dysfunction) and I needed a alternative to the costly injections (bandaid) that I used to get. I'm thankful that I found Dr. Dodge. He is very thorough, knowledgeable, gentle, caring, and goes above and beyond in making me feel better. There have been times I would walk through his door unable to stand up straight and what a relief it is to be able to count on him for pain relief. I definitely recommend him to anyone! Thank you Dr. Dodge!!!! -N.D. of Ft. Worth, Texas