Rethink Your New Year’s Resolution – Get Healthy!


Happy New Year! With the new year comes many “New Year’s Resolutions,” and its hard to miss all of the advertisements targeting the number one resolution – weight loss! Weight loss can be a great goal, but how you go about achieving your weight loss goals is important, and what mental approach you take is also important. As a chiropractor I see first hand how detrimental it can be to one’s wellness to have negative thoughts about yourself and your body. If your goal this year is to “lose weight” I challenge you to think carefully about what that means for you mentally. It can be easy to isolate the goal of losing weight from the goal of being healthier, which is really what you are aiming for! Instead of thinking about your new year’s resolution as a weight loss goal, think about revamping your nutrition and exercise lifestyle to “get healthy.”  Here are a few tips going into the new year for your “get healthy” resolution!


Choose good, healthy nutrition goals:

Instead of looking for the perfect “diet,” I suggest you make steady changes toward eating more of a high vegetable, whole foods diet. My brother, a board certified chiropractic neurologist, wrote a series of excellent nutrition tips – if you do ONE thing from this post, read the posts below! (And if you’re in Virginia and looking for a Staunton Chiropractor, give Valley Family Wellness a call. I’d send you his way even if he wasn’t my twin.  )

  1. Eat Real, Living Foods
  2. Eat Often, Avoid Sugar, and Stay Hydrated
  3. Considerations for Gluten, Dairy, Supplements, and Detox


  Make a commitment to regular exercise

The combination of healthy eating and consistent exercise has been shown time and again to be the best way to achieve and maintain healthy weight loss. Working your way up to an hour of exercise 3-5 days a week has been shown to provide the best weight loss and weight maintenance results. This can be in whatever form of exercise you prefer – ideally a combination of cardiovascular activity (swimming, jogging) and strength-building activity (weight lifting, conditioning).

Be positive:

Be kind to yourself as you start to make changes to your eating and exercise habits! Give yourself affirmations even when you don’t feel like it – “I am doing great!” “I am working toward my goal.” “I am becoming healthier.” Creating a mentally positive atmosphere for these changes will allow you to be persistent.

 Chose a steady, slow pace:

Don’t expect overnight, rapid results – those results typically aren’t the most healthy. Too rapid weight loss leaves your body lacking nutrients and detoxing from chemicals in cell waste too quickly. Reframe your outlook to a long, slow-paced journey toward a more healthy lifestyle.

Good luck, and happy New Year!